Marathe Creative is a full-service media production company, specializing in video-based content for individuals, businesses, organizations, creative campaigns, and more.

We specialize in assisting in the conceptual development, planning, and execution of creative ideas and help deliver the client’s vision from farm to table.

Using high-tech, professional grade equipment (HD, 4K), Marathe Creative offers on-location videography, video editing, and creative production packaged into final product deliverables that furnishes the customer and their clients with Grade-A results. Destinations include Social Media, TV Broadcast Stations and Networks, Post-Production Houses, Advertising Agencies, Distribution, and more.

 Whether you are an individual, company, agency, post-production house, television station, or television network, Marathe Creative is here to help.

 Promotional and commercial campaigns, corporate video, EPK and publicity, Television Programs, Documentaries, and Feature Films are just some of the types of products we produce.

With over 19 years experience executing in various areas of the media business, we have the knowledge, insight, skill, and work ethic to get the job done right to win over your clients or targeted audience.

To discuss your business or project needs, contact us:

We are available to answer your questions and meet your deadlines with professional work and positive results.

Our Story

My vision for creating Marathe Creative began a number of years ago while working in broadcast television. I would observe countless times how content was of subpar quality, cheap production value, and very out-of-touch with the current marketplace. I felt that quality production was really lacking in my local market. Companies deserved better quality commercials, programs, shorts, educational, and more.

Enter Marathe Creative - A full-service video production service available to individuals and companies.

My name is Raj Marathe I am a veteran of the tv broadcasting industry, with over 19 years behind-the-scenes in live and taped broadcasting, video production, engineering and post-production work. Network , affiliate, and independent projects are just some of the areas where I have has flourished behind the scenes - including PBS, ESPN, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN, and others.

My experience covers every role behind the scenes from production to engineering to post - including live sports, live newscasts, taped programming, and more.

No matter how big or small your project is, I’m here to help. Allow my knowledge and experience be there to help guide you and service you with the quality results you deserve.
Message me at my ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page and thank you for your interest in Marathe Creative.